Prohibitive Cost of Houses for Rent in Abuja

The high cost of rent in Abuja is making life unbearable and miserable for so many people, especially for the low income earners. The city administrators are at a cross road on how to curb the housing and accommodation problems and it's attendant exorbitant rate.

Abuja landlords are not helping matters as they are ready to pounce on the difficulties in taking advantage of the hapless residents. Many families are contemplating to relocate because houses for rent in Abuja has become a matter of life and death struggle

Inadequate low Cost Housing Scheme

The Abuja municipal administrators are not helping matters either. Despite multiple policy statements over the years to embark on aggressive low cost housing scheme, such policies has never actually been fully followed to the letter. The will and spirit to implement such lofty formulated policies by various government official are lacking.

This has further eroded the lives of many residents as affordable housing is no where in sight. This urgly lackadaisical altitude has made low cost houses for rent in Abuja a nightmare for it's residents

Despite government foot dragging on aggressive funding of low cost housing and accommodation, it is note worthy to understand that it is government short sightedness and lack of planning that brought housing problems to it's current debacle. Massive migration to Abuja from all comers of Nigeria was a direct result of massive infrastructural development in Abuja and it's environs.

It would appear that while city administrators were planning and budgeting for infrastructural development in Abuja, they fail to plan for the houses that will accommodation workers that will engage in such gigantic infrastructural development scheme

Bill for the Regulation of Advanced Rent

Having failed in the planning and logistics of providing low cost housing and accommodation for it teeming residents, the Abuja city administrators had enacted a bill under the guise of "Regulation of Advanced rent". The regulation of advanced rent, if sincerely implemented, will somewhat bring succor to many in the Abuja metropolis. The main thrust of this bill is to regulate the rent fiasco system of the past

By this anticipated bill, landlords will now be regulated by law to demand for rents on monthly or quarterly basis rather than one or two years circle that they used to demand. Meanwhile, we have finger crossed as to how the new bill will resolve Abuja houses and rent imbroglio